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Helping owners and operators avoid costly mistakes when making choices around technology, operations, staffing, and building community.

How Can I Help?

As employee number one I helped grow NextSpace from one location to nine, 36 employees, and 1500 members. During seven years in the industry I have learned a lot and enjoy sharing that hard-won knowledge as a coworking consultant. Let me know how I can help you with your coworking challenges.


Ongoing consultation and operational support for individuals and teams for a monthly fee to help you effectively develop community, collaboration, and culture in service of organizational goals.


I lead monthly conference calls with small groups of coworking professional peers sharing knowledge and experiences around building and managing vibrant coworking communities.


I enjoy sharing my community-building and coworking experience with companies and organizations interested in exploring new models for the successful modern workplace.

Iris has unbeatable experience, from branding insights, to strategic advice, and being in the operational trenches of a quickly growing, multi-location community-based coworking company, I don’t know why I didn’t think to engage her earlier.

Jerome Chang


Growing Your Coworking Business

So you’ve got furniture, the Interwebs and great coffee, you’ve opened your space and people are trickling in. Now what?

Are you struggling to “make community happen”?  Are the challenges of finding the right staff keeping you from focusing on your core responsibilities?  Are you thinking of expanding, but don’t know how to make the leap?

I can help you design and expand your coworking experience.





Coworking + Collaboration = Success
Working from a collaborative approach, I partner with you to find solutions to some of the biggest issues facing coworking owners and help you build a member base that’s so happy they evangelize for you.

  • Build a vibrant community
  • Enhance member engagement
  • Custom Hiring Programs
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Culture Tweaking
  • Operations Process and Procedures
  • Scaling strategies
  • IT solutions
  • Software


Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.

Tony Hsieh

Founder, ZAPPOS


Trying to build a community around your products or services? Rallying a community around a cause? Are you part of the evolution-of-work that is coworking?

Whether communities are internal or external, they require vision, leadership, and ongoing care and feeding. In collaborative coworking spaces the community needs to be curated by someone who understands the people in the community and actively connects them with each other. They have to know how to get people to engage with each other. In this instance, Community is the product you’re selling.

Other organizations need a Community Manager. If you’re a company with open space (hotel, high-end apartment building, etc.) you need to build active relationships to make community happen. Our team can show you how to do this – one relationship at a time.

If you’re a business owner or manager and want to get started, we can help you identify the traits necessary for a good Community Manager, so that you can hire the right person.

The talents of individuals and teams are amplified by thriving, authentic community.

Iris Kavanagh

Founder, Coworking with Iris

Sharing Ideas

Happy International Coworking Day, Jay

Jay understood coworking immediately and the value that a highly engaged work community can have for product teams. He also got the value of true community, in fact he embodied it. Jay was the perfect coworking member, someone I think of as a friend and a wonderful human.

What Does Coworking Have to Offer Corporate Companies?

During my tenure at my former coworking company, I was responsible for culture and community. In my opinion, these two are one and the same. The staff who manages the facility and supports the members is essentially setting the tone for the community, thus the culture...


Iris Kavanagh works with shared workspace organizations to streamline operations and develop dynamic communities. She fell in love with coworking when, as a member in 2009, she realized how powerful the experience of a real, in-person community was and quickly started thinking of ways to change the world through the coworking model.

Iris led the NextSpace team during initial expansion from 1 location to 9 and co-founded the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces and COSHARE, produced Freelance Camps and has spoken at various conferences including the Global WorkSpace Association Conference and the Global Coworking Unconference Conference.

Iris currently consults, leads Coworking Mastermind groups, heads the board of directors of COSHARE and showcases industry and movement leaders through her media series, Coworking with Iris. She lives in Santa Cruz, California with her two kids, two cats and two chickens.

I’m a dedicated champion of Community (with a capital “C”) as both an agent of social change and a driver of business goals.

Iris Kavanagh

Founder, Coworking with Iris

Plans & Pricing

I have happy clients in each of these tiers but of course each organization is unique. Let’s discuss your needs to so we can create a plan that makes sense for you. Developing a program specific to your needs requires several hours of Ala Carte set-up time. You can also book Ala Carte time with me for any purpose in increments of 15 minutes.


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